Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Home again, home again, jiggety jog.

I don't even know where to begin! Our trip to Acapulco was so amazing from start to finish. From a business stand-point, we were treated like professionals and given so much information about the New Discovery Toys - that's right! It's going to be new! We have a new logo and will soon have new web tools, a completely new look and so much more! There were also countless opportunities to talk with the different owners (both in clothes and in swimsuits). That's one of the things I love - the opportunity to be sitting on the edge of the pool giving my input to the decision makers of this company. They were asking us for so much feedback and it was just a pleasure to be able to share with them. Also, I had some fantastic talks with the president of DT, Rich Newton. I love this man. He has such a big heart and is so willing to help people and listen to them. It gives you a really big confidence boost when both the president and VP of sales introduce you to people as a hot shot and tell you how much they believe in you. That's what this company does!!!! This is not a job. This is not a hobby. This is not me out selling a few toys to help pay the bills. This is an opportunity that has changed who I am. I am a strong, confident business woman, a great mom with confident children, a dedicated wife with a great marriage. I feel the most successful when I have helped someone else reached a goal. I have learned (for the most part!) a balance in my life and I am taking care of myself and giving myself value.

Now the personal side of the trip. I can't tell you how proud it makes me feel that the reason we were on that trip was because of me! I was able to take my family to Acapulco. I was the reason we stayed in a 5-star hotel. If you want your husband to support what you do, just earn a trip! The Fairmont Princess was so beautiful! The kids had so much fun, both at the 5 pools and at the Kids Klub. They too got Discovery Toys t-shirts and wore them proudly. Frogurt told Rich how much he liked being a part of Discovery Toys. He and Rich are now partners. Freckels was inseperable from her travel buddy Petra. They did everything together. We also got to take the kids swimming with the dolphins, a dream come true especially for Freckles.

Now the post-vacation work begins! Not only the laundry, but the dedication of myself to building my business and taking it to new heights. I am very excited for what this year will hold! It is going to be an exciting ride so get in, strap in and join me!


Geosomin said...

Acapulco - way to go!
I'm so glad you find this so fulfilling...and that you're getting the recognition you deserve for being so good at what you do. You're (unlike many salespeople I know) very sincere and encourage your team to do better for themselves as opposed to pushing them for higher sales. I belive you are succeeding because it was what you're meant to do.
Tropical rewards are the best kind :)

I like the new logo BTW. I always thought the old one was rather dated...