Tuesday, August 4, 2009


On more than one occasion, Freckles has asked me "Are we rich?" My answer without hesitation is always yes. Then, of course I ask her what prompted her question. It usually has to do with "stuff".

So, I ask her what that means - being rich. Again, it often comes back to the acquisition of things. However, in my experience, "stuff" has very little to do with being rich.

I have little signs posted in my house that say "Today I choose to be wealthy." It is a choice. I experience the richness of my family. I experience the wealth of being together. I experience the fullness of giving to others.

Could I buy a new car? Of course. Could we live in a bigger house? Sure. We have the money and the credit. But it is a choice. If we choose to take on a car payment, it is at the expense of other things. If we choose to live in a bigger house, it would mean leaving it less often to go on vacation together as a family.

We have found that what is important is each other. It is the time spent together. When we choose to have an attitude of wealth, then abundance flows. We are very rich, indeed! We have everything we need at any given moment and so many luxuries as well.

It's just symantecs. How you define riches will determine your focus. Let your days be filled with the abundance of time spent together with those you love. Share with those around you. Find 10 things this moment you can be grateful for and express that gratitude joyfully.


Geosomin said...
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Geosomin said...

And that, my friend, is why you are indeed rich :)

It has been hard explaining to my brother's japanese exchange student about how we are rich. My brother and his widfe seem to think they are average...I would agree that in both lifestyle and contentedness we are indeed rich.
It's not the things that matter in the end, even tho we have enough of them...I agree with every word of what you said Cindi.

Thanks for the inspiration :)