Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Amazing Race

I think I've finally figured it out. I think I have finally found my voice. We had a Discovery Toys meeting here at my place last night and we did an exercise that I had just done the week before at another DT event. I have done this exercise many times over the course of my business but I think I finally got somewhere with it. It was figuring out my "why" - why do I do this business and what do I want out of it? What are the roadblocks that keep me from getting to where I want to be? What are some solutions and strategies to overcoming those roadblocks?

As I said, I've done this exercise before. I know that our reasons for staying with a business evolve over time and are not necessarily the same as the reasons we joined. But I think I finally got honest enough with myself and figured out what it is that I love about being a part of DT, why it is that I haven't left when I have encountered those roadblocks that truly are a part of anything worthwhile.

Here is what I wrote down:
Because I feel fulfillment being a part of this company. It allows me to be not just a mom and not just a wife. I am a person that other adults look up to and respect.

Wanna know the reason I joined? To make money and stay at home with my kids. Is that still true? Absolutely! But it has become so much more.

A fantastic analogy came up last night. One of the things that we all struggle with from time to time is just simply picking up the phone to make calls. Ugh! Who among us hasn't felt the weight of the phone pulling us in another direction? However it is part of our job. As a mom, who among us enjoys cleaning a poopy diaper? Even though we don't look forward to it or particularly enjoy it, we know that it has to be done. Plus, the longer you wait, the worse it gets!

I feel that something has clicked in my brain. I've heard this click before and it usually comes right before a time of greatness. I feel like I have been floundering a bit this year trying to find my footing. Even with this blog, it hasn't been focused but rather random and scattered - a good reflection on where I've been. But now I have found my voice. Now I am part of an amazing race that will lead me to greatness! I am excited to pick up the phone today and I am excited to talk with people and share with them. That's ultimately what it's all about - sharing! And as Jack Johnson says, "It's always more fun to share with everyone!"