Friday, April 3, 2009


Now I have several pet peeves surrounding the everyday functions of my house - I'll save How To Properly Fold a Towel for another day.

Today's pet peeve: cereal. I currently have an unopened box of Brown Sugar Mini Wheats hiding under my bed. I bought it the other day but am waiting to introduce it to the cereal cupboard. Frogurt was even with me when I bought them but has obviously forgotten as he has not asked me about them. This is a favorite type of cereal around here but that is the problem. There are currently 4 other types of cereal on the go. I have 4 cereal keepers and they all have something in them. But none of them has very much. If I were to bring out the Mini Wheats, the rest of those cereals would go uneaten. Even worse, someone, most likely my DH, would rip open the jumbo plastic bag and perch it precariously on top of one of the cereal keepers. Even if there is an empty container there, he won't take the time to transfer the cereal from the plastic bag to the cereal keeper.

There is also the scenario where the bag of cereal is too big for the smallest of the keepers. However the extra-large keeper only has about one bowl left. So there are two possible actions here: eat the last bowl before opening a new bag or transfer the crumbs to the smaller keeper. But, alas, no... instead the cereal is once again left in the bag or the majority of it is transferred and a bit is left in the bag to get stale as it falls to the back of the cupboard and is forgotten about.

Here's the thing - since not introducing the new bag, I have noticed everyone is eating the other cereal up! What a novel concept! Let's finish something before we start something new! No one is complaining. However, if there was new cereal sitting there and I asked them to finish up the last of the rice krispies first, there would be much whimpering and carrying-on.

Am I alone here? What are your pet peeves?


Geosomin said...

Heh...we go nuts on cereal...and then have a zillion boxes on the go. With 2 of us, that's a lot of cereal :)
Luckily for me I get the mini wheats all to myself...yum.

For me the biggie is putting things away when they are done with...bathroom, kitchen you name it. Drives me spare...yet I can't leave it out to prove a point. Otherwise when we need it we can't find it (it took me years to figure this out...) I'm turning into a neatnick.