Friday, June 4, 2010

To Do List for Today: Nothing

First of all, my kids are awesome. Yesterday, the car was loaded up, the gas tank was full and we were just hitting the road for a 2-day trip to Calgary. We were going to see friends - one of whom, Little Star, has been battling cancer on and off for the past 2 years (did I mention she's only 3?) She has been doing well & they are scheduled to return home next week so we wanted to go see them before they left Calgary. However, Little Star wasn't feeling well yesterday so her mom said it probably wouldn't work to get together.

Why are my kids awesome? Because, already in the car and on the road to the Calgary Zoo, I told them I was turning around and taking them to school. Yes, there were a few tears but ultimately they understood and their concern shifted from the fact that they wouldn't be going to the zoo to the fact that Little Star wasn't feeling well.

Okay, so now I can get to the point. Every day I do a to-do list and email it to my accountability buddy. I had sent one before we left saying that we were going to Calgary for the next two days. When I got back home, I was in an interesting frame of mind - kind of sad, kind of tired, kind of restless. I didn't know what to do with myself. Technically, I was out of town so I didn't need to announce to everyone that I was back. On the other hand, here was an opportunity to catch up on some things - that fridge won't clean itself. I had a mile-long list of phone calls I could make...

After talking to my accountability buddy on the phone, I send her another list:
To Do List for Thursday:

Ahhhh! It felt great! I realized the need to just take a day off and do nothing. Can't remember the last time I ever did that. I've taken days off from work but I usually end up filling them with other things. I even took a nap! I never nap! I paced back and forth deciding if I actually should take a nap and then found myself laying down under the covers in the middle of the afternoon. Heaven!

The world continued on without me. I can power-down for an afternoon without self-combusting. I am not indispensable. I am worthy of a day of nothing-ness and recuperation.

I can start today feeling much better and more focused. I feel well rested and ready to take on the day. The bags are re-packed for our trip which begins after school today.

As for the fridge, well, there's always next week.


Claire said...

nicely done! Sorry about your little friend :(

Lorrina said...
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