Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Gift of Time

So I was sharing on another blog yesterday about Christmas memories and I thought I would share here too.

One of my favorite memories from when I was a kid is trekking out to the forest about an hour away from our place and then trodding deep in the snow to find the perfect tree, which we would then cut down. In retrospect, this is of course appalling that we would do this. Often, we would have to cut down more than one tree to find the one we wanted and then of course we would just lop the top off of it and leave the rest there. After hauling the tree out of the bush and attaching it to the vehicle, we would drive home for hot chocolate and an evening of decorating and listening to Christmas LPs.

The point is this: I can remember the time spent together way more than I can remember individual gifts under the tree. We spend so much time trying to find the perfect gift that we end up sacrificing the perfect gift - time. I am sure if you think back, those are the types of memories that stand out. I also remember our summer trips to Waterton in the big van. I remember going for breakfast at the Calgary Tower and hiking up Bear's Hump. The tangible things I remember are the ones that hold special meaning. For example, I had a bear that I took everywhere with me. It was an absolute travesty if he was ever forgotten at home. Well one summer on our way to Waterton, we were half way across Saskatchewan (I grew up in Manitoba for those of you who don't know) when all of a sudden I realized that he was back at home. Well there was no way that we could go back to get him. I was devastated. When we got to Waterton, we were poking around in the stores and I remember seeing this very cute stuffed pig (I had a thing for stuffed animals...). Well when we got back to the hotel that night, there was that pig on my pillow. My dad is a big softie.

So as you are in the throws of the Christmas hustle and bustle, remember to spend some time with your family. We often say that that is one of the things that happens at Christmas but it ends up being a small part. Don't worry so much about what is under the tree. It is the time we spend together that they will remember long after the tinsel has been packed away.

So what are some of your favorite memories? Please share!


Geosomin said...

Too true.
It's odd, this year in our family we have all ended up saying "I don't really know what I want. Just make me something or don't worry about it".
It's all about being thogether and not the stuff.
I've been having fun making some gifts this year. I just hope I ge tthem all done :)

Cindi said...

We are big fans of the Vinyl Cafe and Eliora has gotten into it as well. I have a bunch of them on my iPod and we were listening to one in the car where they all had to make each other a Christmas gift. Well, Eliora got right on board and insisted that we do a name exchange & make each other a gift. We exchanged them at the beginning of December. I think she has started a new family tradition!