Saturday, March 7, 2009

The House Fairy

Thank-you again to Julie for this tip - The House Fairy made her first appearance in our house on Thursday. Wow - Freckles and Frogurt barely made it to the end of the video before running to their rooms to clean! They have since been putting in actual effort to get their rooms clean and are anxiously waiting her return. She left a letter after their initial clean sweep telling them she would be back soon but they would never know when so they had to always be prepared with clean rooms. Well, she will be reappearing and leaving another letter tomorrow. They are both on their way but not quite there yet...Since I can't seem to get through to them, I am glad to see that manipulation and bribery are alive and well!

So thank-you House Fairy for motivating my children to clean their rooms. I am glad to not have to raise my voice. Instead, I can leave fraudulent letters around the house and get much better results!


Geosomin said...

Deception and parenting.
Such a great combo :P