Saturday, March 7, 2009

We've Gone Bananas Over Fruit

Okay, I am all for finding healthy snacks for kids but seriously, I think we've lost our marbles:

Canadian grocer Sobeys has partnered with Disney to introduce the Compliments Junior Disney line of food products. Now I realize that this actually happened a couple of years ago but I just ran across an ad in a magazine for this and it caused me to blog.
Check this out:

Maybe it's just me....but those are just apples! Regular red apples! Do me a favor, if you do actually invest in the "Buzz Lightyear" apples, save the bag and then fill it with regular apples the next time. What are we doing to our children (and to ourselves for that matter) - this is the closest they could get to commercializing something as simple as an apple.

But it gets better. We can't make an apple look like Goofy but we can make a burger have ears!

Now I love Disney just as much as the next Cast Member but I just have to shake my head at this kind of marketing. I don't know...Am I alone here? Doesn't this seem ridiculous?


Geosomin said...

I've sort of got a bad taste in my mouth from Disnay as of late...they've moved away from quality is favour of marketability.

I mean if this is what it takes to get your kids to eat apples, then fine...but honestly, I'm hoping you can bribe your kids to eat fruit as it is. I agree with just refilling the bag. An apple is an apple.
The mickey burgers are cute, I'll give them that, but all I can think of is my mum making mickey mouse pancakes for me as a kid -I was quite happy with them, even when the ears were different sizes. They were homemade from scratch and they didn't cost an extra penny :)