Thursday, March 26, 2009

Soup Nazi

So the other day we took Freckles and Frogurt to Burrito Libre (they don't have a website!) because it was "free burrito day" with a donation to the food bank. By the way, if you are in Sherwood Park, you have to check this place out - it was delicious and very generous portions!

I digress...It was the couple in front of us that caught my eye. We were standing there, family of 4, with a bag full of non-perishable donations. This young, hip, trendy couple had one can of soup. She was carrying a beautiful Dolce & Gabbana handbag to accessorize her very nice outfit and fancy hair. He too was well-groomed and stylish. Now I realize I am passing judgement based on superficial evidence, but come on - one can of soup?? In exchange for 2 large burritos (regular $7 apiece)?? Maybe it's just me, but I think they missed the point.

This of course was another opportunity to talk to our kids about the importance of giving and how blessed we are and how much we truly have. After all, we only had to go one day without a television! I am very proud of my children and their generosity. They know what it means to give and the joy that brings.

Having said that, I am not sure Frogurt quite got the concept of the food bank. As he was eating his burrito, he said "Wow! The food bank sure makes good food!"


LittleMissFabulous said...

I really love your blog! I happened to be surfing and found it and I'm so glad I did :).

That one-can lady probably bought it at a nearby convenience store just to get the free food! I witnessed something similiar, too: I was in a really cool consignment store and they had this deal: donate two items, get one item free.

And this lady brings in a load of torn clothing and got five items for free! I so wanted to hit her. And it was a kid's consignment shop!

Anyhow, I found some great stuff there and that's due to honest people who donate gently used items. Here's the url for Huckleberry's:

Honestly, some people just give in order to receive. And this economy makes the selfish even more unbearable to live with. But I'm glad for nice moms who teach values to your kids.

Take care,

Cindi said...

Hi Chrissy - thanks for stopping by (sorry for the delay; I was away for the weekend & ignored my blog!)

Thank-you so much for the Huckleberry' link - I think that you are right about people giving just to receive. They are missing out on so much!

I can't remember where I was but I just remember not that long ago I was witnessing a group of people, not one of whom said "thank-you" and I thought to myself "What is happening here??" When such a simple gesture disappears from our everyday actions, there is trouble on the horizon...

And if we as parents aren't doing it, how can we expect our kids to? I often witness this with drivers who are very quick to cut in or honk - I wonder if they tell their children to share and take turns...