Saturday, December 13, 2008

Public Domain

I have a coffee mug that I really like. It is light blue and on one side says "Smile" and on the other side says "Life is good." I like to use this mug whenever I can to have my morning coffee in. It is a visual reminder that yes, life is good. As I sit there in the quiet moments with a hot cup of coffee and a good book enjoying the peace and possibility of another day while everyone else is still in bed, I can be reminded of all the goodness surrounding me.

Today, however, I noticed something I hadn't before on my mug. I was looking at the "Life is good" side when I noticed something at the end of the phrase. I brought the mug up closer only to discover a capital "R" with a circle around it. You know the one I mean: Registered Trademark. I thought to myself "How can a phrase like 'Life is good' be a trademark??" Then I looked on the bottom of the mug only to discover that the name of the company that makes the mug is called - you guessed it - "Life is good."

Now I'm not sure how I feel about the mug. My opinion is tainted. Yes life still is good but I feel a bit ticked off that someone would make that a registered trademark. On the other hand, what a great name for a company. Now when I look at my mug I see the "R" more than the sentiment.

So I am hereby reclaiming the phrase "Life is good" for use by public domain. It is yours to use abundantly. Go and spread the word! And don't forget to "Smile."


Geosomin said...

Don't let it bug you.
I have a shirt on it that says "happy" and I wear it when I feel happy or know I"ll need to try hard to get thru a day.
Then clinique came out with some Happy cologne and for a while people thought I was wearing the perfume ad shirt...but then I realised it was what mattered to me that mattered. It made me I still wear it and smile.

Life is good.
Drink up :)